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March 2008


The 2007 ACUM Awards ceremony took place in Tel Aviv on March 30. Four awards were given this year under the concert music category. AHARON HARLAP received the Lifetime Achievement Award. LIOR NAVOK received the Menachem Avidom Annual Achievement Award for his work 'The Circle of Hope' (String Quartet No. 2). NAFTALI LAHAV received the Promotion of Publication Award for his work 'Music for Symphony Orchestra and Guitar'. URI BRENER received the award for an anonymously-submitted composition for his piano concerto 'Blarings, Clouds, Celebrations' (IMI 7799). The jury consisted of the composers Ron Weidberg, Nahum Amir and Ami Maayani. Further details (in Hebrew) can be found on the ACUM website (

June 2007


The composer Prof. LEON SCHIDLOWSKY (b. 1931) won the Tel Aviv Municipality’s 2007 Engel Award for composition and research in Hebrew music; the prize was awarded to him for his “lifetime achievement as a composer and as a music educator who has had a decisive influence on generations of Israeli composers”. The prize was awarded by Tel Aviv’s Mayor, Mr. Ron Huldai, in a ceremony which took place at the Enav Centre in Tel Aviv on June 14, 2007. The prize was also awarded to the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra “for their unique contribution in cultivating Jewish musical tradition across the generations, and especially the heritage of the great Jewish composers who perished in the Holocaust”. During the ceremony, Nitai Zori – the Symphonette’s leader – performed Schidlowsky’s Prayer for unaccompanied violin (2002; IMI 7451). The jury consisted of Ruben Seroussi, Prof. Hanoch Ron and Ze’ev Steinberg.

August 2006


The recipients of the 2006 Prime Minister Award for Composers are Uri Brener, Yinam Leef, Michael Libman, Erel Paz and Yitzhak Yedid. In the Jazz category, the Award was granted this year to Eli Degibri. The jury for the classical music category consisted of Itai Talgam (chair), Eyal Ein-Habar, Gideon Lewensohn, Eliyahu Schleifer and Jonathan Zack; the jury for the jazz category consisted of Eli Magen (chair), Dani Karpel and Yossi Mar-Haim. The award ceremony took place at the Tel Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv, on August 22, 2006.

December 2005

The composers Josef Bardanashvili and Ella Milch-Sheriff were among the recipients of the 2005 Gottlieb and Hana Rosenblum Prizes for the Performing Arts, awarded by the Municipality of Tel Aviv. Milch-Sheriff received the prize together with the writer Nava Semel for the creation of a new and unique opera (The Rat Laughs). Bardanashvili received the prize for outstanding author and composer; the jury’s decision focused on his opera Journey to the End of the Millennium. The jury consisted of Ben-Amy Einav, Ilana Elyakim (the Kibbutzim College of Education), Peter Harris (Tel Aviv University), Doron Rosenblum and Hanoch Ron. The ceremony was held on December 20, 2005, at Enav Centre, Tel Aviv. The two operas were premiered in 2005; see also the articles on both works in IMI News 2005/2.

November 2005

The composer RON WEIDBERG won the 2005 ACUM Lifetime Achievement Award in music, for his own compositions and for his advocacy and promotion of Israeli music. In the same competition, the composer BORIS PIGOVAT won ACUM’s 2005 Menahem Avidom Award for Concert Music, for his composition Song of the Sea; and the composer ELENA SOKOLOVSKI won the ACUM Award for the Promotion of Original Work (concert music category) for her work Requiem – Izkor. The members of the jury for ACUM’s 2005 music awards were the conductor Doron Salomon and the composers Nahum Amir and Ami Maayani.

June 2005

The recipients of the 2005 Prime Minister Award for Composers are GAD AVRAHAMI, ARI BEN-SHABETAI (who also received the award in 1997), AVI LEIBOVICH (the first recipient of the award in the newly-created jazz category), ELLA MILCH-HERIFF, RONEN SHAPIRA and DINA SMORGONSKAYA. The jury for the classical music category consisted of Prof. Eliyahu Schleifer, Jonathan Zak and Itai Talgam; the jury for the jazz category consisted of Danny Karpel, Eli Magen and Yossi Mar-Haim. The award ceremony took place at the Israel Music Conservatory, Tel Aviv, on June 30, 2005.

December 2004

The winners of ACUM prizes for 2004 are: BETTY OLIVERO was awarded a prize for her life work; AVNER DORMAN was awarded the Menachem Avidom Prize for his work Variations Without Theme; MICHAEL SHENHAV won a prize for promotion and publication of a new work; BENJAMIN YUSUPOV won the prize for an orchestral work submitted anonymously. EREL PAZ won the prize for a chamber work submitted anonymously. The jurors adjudicating the prizes for serious music were the composers Josef Bardanashvili, Yossi Mar-Haim and Doron Salomon.

June 2004

The prizes of the Minister of Science, Culture and Sports for 2003 were awarded on June 3, 2004 at a ceremony held in Tel Aviv. The pianist ARIE VARDI won the FRANK PELEG PRIZE for his life-long artistic activity; The IR SHALEM TRIO won the DANIEL BINYAMINI PRIZE; The ISRAEL CONTEMPORARY QUARTET (Hadas Fabrikant, Tali Goldberg - vlns; Galia Hai - vla; Hilla Epstein - vcl) won the OEDOEN PARTOS PRIZE for excellence in performing Israeli Music; Ms. MICHAL SMOIRA-COHN won THE TRUSTEES' PRIZE for her contribution to Israeli musical life.

May 2004

WISAM GIUBRAN, IGOR GALPERIN, MICHAEL DAMIAN, ILIYA HEIFETS and VLADIMIR SCOLNIC are the recipients of the Prime Minister's Prize for 2003. The ceremony took place on May 13, 2004, in Tel Aviv.

December 2003

The Gottlieb and Hanna Rosenblum Prize for Excellence in Activity in Arts was awarded to the composer BETTY OLIVERO. The ceremony was held on December 1, 2003, at the Tel Aviv Museum.

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