Ajiashvili Hana

Ajiashvili Hana

Dr. Hana Ajiashvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and received a Master Diploma in piano and composition from the Music Sarajshvili Academy in 1995. 

In 1996, she continued her composition studies with the composer Vladimir Tarnopolsky at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, and worked with the Studio for New Music and with the Young Composers’ Committee of the Moscow Composers Union. 

In 2001, she immigrated to Israel and continued her activities as a composer and director and composition teacher at the Or Yehuda Conservatory.

In 2007, she completed her doctorate at Bar-Ilan University, under the supervision of Gideon Lewensohn and Betty Olivero.

Her works are frequently performed by the leading ensembles of contemporary music like Meitar Ensemble (Israel), Ensemble 21 century (Israel), Trio Catch (Hamburg), Mivos Quartet (NYC), Momenta Quartet (NYC), Ensemble Continuum (NYC), Studio of New Music ( Moscow), MACM (Moscow), Triomusicale (Madrid) and more. Her pieces are performed  in concerts and festival in Israel and abroad such as ISCM festival, ACL festival, "Sound Roads" in Sankt-Petersburg", "Dresden nights", "Ha-Teiva marathon" and 'Tzlil Meudcan" in Tel Aviv,  CEME of Meitar Ensemble, festival SaxOpen in Strasburg and more concerts in London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Hamburg, New York and more. 

Among her prizes are:

2017 - Hana won Israeli ACUM"s prize for her piece "Mere Air".

2011 - Won commission from Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation for the new piece “Zoominout” for the ensemble “The Israel Contemporary Players”

2008 - Hana received the Prime Minister’s Award for Composers

2004 - First Prize at the Israeli Contemporary Players -’ Young Israeli Composer’s Competition 

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