Oedoen Partos

string quartet no. 2

מק"ט: IMI 13-I
שנת כתיבה: 1960
משך היצירה: 22 דקות
מו"ל: מכון למוסיקה ישראלית
מילות מפתח:
Violin, Violin, Viola, Violoncello

The string quartet Psalms was commissioned by Fanny and Max Targ in 1960 for the Fine Arts Quartet. It was first performed at the International Music Festival held in Israel in August 1961 This work was inspired by Oriental Bible cantillations from the Book of Psalms. It therefore follows the melodic and rhythmic concepts of Oriental Jewish music. The first movement begins in a slow improvisatory mood and after a short declamatory passage, goes on to use material from Oriental Jewish Songs. The second movement is a dramatic interpretation by the string quartet of a psalm. The third movement (Allegro molto e vivace) has the character of an oriental dance with variations. The whole work is conceived and developed as a 12-tone series with all its derivative forms.

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